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Need help with Lighting?

We provide knowledge when you face lighting renovation

Why we do it

We aim to enlighten you
– and help you through the pitfalls

Keep it simple

Too often, we have seen lighting projects turn in to a pile of over-engineered binders – placed in a desk drawer, while the energy- and maintenance bill keeps rising.

Cut through the clutter

Lighting is simple – yet a rush of time, technology, and terms makes it a maze of decision-making.
Cut the learning curve with Enopti – and get through the clutter.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

We've been there

We’ve been in all phases of the process: Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Consulting, Commisioning, Calculation, Auditing, Project Management and Installation.
Quality control?

Learn from Enopti.

About Us

A short story of where you are – and why we are here

Long story short started as a consulting business in 2014.
We made calls.
We had lots of meetings with great customers.
We counseled the best lighting solutions, with energy efficiency and comfort in mind.

We were busy helping you, and had a blast doing it.

But soon we were running too fast to match our own level of quality and service.

Something had to change…

It quickly became obvious that we couldn’t reach all the people we wanted to help.

We needed to rethink our consulting business:
Reach more people and help them with their lighting projects – location and time regardless.

Three questions needed one solution:

Time: How could we help you in person, without wasting time on transport? 
Location: How could we be everywhere at once – even globally?
Knowledge: How could we streamline our knowledge, so that everyone could benefit from it?

The solution was to pour our knowledge of lighting, into easy to learn courses.
Letting you pick your desired level of knowledge – and move forward with your lighting project. Wherever you might be in the process of renovating existing lighting.

This lead to an exciting leap – from face-to-face consulting to online education of what we love in lighting.

Please welcome your educational resource for Energy optimized lighting.
Get on the train and learn from

Let us help turn your Vision into reality


Jump to our school and see our current courses in lighting.

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Where we are located


City: Odense
Country: Denmark, Europe